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Sales Interview Questions in Mumbai, India


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You get to meet the real terror of Hawkins in the most pleasant way.

141 Answers

Anyone please tell me what is the pattern of written test. I have my written test on 1st june 2014.

i have my test on 8th june..i have received a letter stating there will be three tests of 75 mins each..can anyone plz say what is the pattern

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Why Apple??

21 Answers

can u speak french?

10 Answers

Why do you want to be in sales? What makes you think you are fit for sales job? Why home loans/credit cards?

3 Answers

Questions were simple but more stress about work experience like how you recovered outstanding.

1 Answer

why do you want to work in Amul? why not any other FMCG company?

2 Answers

No questions, only salary, target, no support, then cutitng down the salary

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why you want to join this organisation ?

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You are not from Mumbai , so wil you be able to relocate yourself ?

1 Answer

would you like to relocate?

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