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Audio Engineer/Assistant Music Producer was asked...12 June 2017

On a rainy day, If there was only one vehicle available would you use that to pick a passenger or deliver the food.

3 Answers

Will explain the passenger the situation and request him that we will deliver the food together and then drop him to the destination. Less

Along. The way customer van have some food

If i cab driver, I pickup the passenger. If I delivery boy, I used to deliver the food. What is my actual job? Less


Difference between mixing and mastering ?

1 Answers

Mixing is the process in which we make sure that there isn't any clashes or abrupt clipping happening to the audio while in mastering we work on increasing the total loudness of a track and make it to use for every digital entertainment platform out there. Less

Sony Pictures Television

What music do you listen to? What new band have you recently discovered?

1 Answers



What Daw did you know

1 Answers

Protools and Cubase

Camp K-12

Simple questions based on projects, asked me for my soundcloud and performances experience.

1 Answers

I gave them my soundcloud and handpicked songs that I thought were the best. I was pretty confident in my ability at the time and I believe it helped me attain the internship. Less


How will you manage the corporate security for there client site location

1 Answers

Seeing there client requirement, described them the whole process.

Docler Media

How long have you been producing music for?

1 Answers

For over 5 years.


How’s your say


How would you improve our XXX campaign?


past experience? how will u manage a team? conflict etc

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