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how did you grow the sales for the business?

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Shared the process, highlighting collaborative working and empathy for the customers to understand their business model

Where do you see yourself in five years etc?

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Prior to interview there is a Maths test, if you are not good at maths... practice! all interview questions are based around their competencies - which more often than not are actually on their job spec! Which makes life ALOT easier! You don't have to go hunting around for them! Their main competencies are below: * Innovation *Entrepreneurship *Act and Lead with Human Sensitivity *Manage Complexity *Achieve results with integrity *Interact effectively *sensitivity to the metier I broke this down and looked at every area both internally (within my current organisation) and externally (Ie, clients) I made sure I had an example of both for each competency ( I have put some of my responses below to help) I would also say it is VITAL that you do research on the company, find out as much as you can and remember it. This information puts you one step ahead of anyone who hasn't! Reading their financial statement / annual report can be an easy way of seeing what the company has done and where it is planning to go. This is easy to find on google. They also have an app called L'Oréal Finance, which is a more digestible version! Don't just regurgitate these facts but bring different parts into the conversation where you deem appropriate! I did ALOT of research and it made the conversations easier as i knew what their business targets and challenges where. Also know WHY you want to work there.... they will 100% ask you this question. Just saying your passionate about the products will not cut it... believe me they will drill down. Don't forget you can have notes with you in an interview! There is no rule against this, i used mine in my interview to refer to things i may have forgotten, it also shows them clearly that you have prepared and you are serious about wanting the job! Know your own strengths and weaknesses - they will ask you this but it can be asked in a lot of ways. "is there anything you know you could do better" / " is there anything you find hard" / "what would you say you could personally improve on?". For each of my interviews (6 in total) i also had questions for that individual person. I had done my research on their backgrounds ( linkedin). I asked things like "You were previously in a finance role, why did you decide to move to sales within L'Oréal" or " What do you think are going to be the challenges facing L'Oréal in the future". This interview is as much yours as it is theirs - ask as many questions as you want and challenge them to think. Finally if you do nothing else ASK THIS QUESTION: " Do you have any reservations about my application?" It gives them the chance to tell you if you have done something wrong straight away, this is your chance to change their mind!

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why do you want this job?

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So tell me about your background ?

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I was asked what I thought I could bring to the role that made me different from others

Give me an example of when you have managed a difficult relationship in a team.

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