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All questions were competency based, focused around Amazon's Leadership principles. It is recommended to answer in the STAR format to do well. Make sure that you have a lot of detail behind the examples of scenarios you use to answer the competency questions as multiple further questions may be asked; also, statistics on the results (i.e 25% reduction in time taken to perform x) are useful and you may be asked about them.

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Were most competency questions asked related to the labor planning position? i.e Bias for action, dive deep, deliver results, earn trust? Any technical questions?

No technical questions, just make sure you have some good examples for each of the competencies! interview questions for both roles are the same.

Thank you for your feedback!

Command line to flush dns

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Some IOS command questions based on skills on my CV but the one that tripped me up was about TFTP vs FTP.

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Do do you know about optical fiber?

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Why would you want a job that is offering to pay you less than what you are applying for now?

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How to packets travel across a switched network? What is the purpose of vlan tagging? What is contained in a DHCP packets?

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Why PC1 is not gretting an IP address from the DHCP server.

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They give you a scenario and ask you what things you consider when designing a network for that scenario.

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what was my greatest network design achievement in my past 3 jobs? what was the most useful improvement that improved the customers network over my past 3 jobs? Could i set up a Cisco switch layer 2 or 3 from scratch and deploy it? Can i deploy PaloAlto Firewalls?

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Do you like being led up the garden path?

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