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Network Architect was asked...14 June 2016

Some question from the project /work done that I had mentioned on my resume. ( I was also told i was the topper from the phone interview) Face to face interview, which is so called structured interview process - total eyewash and waste of time.

2 Answers

When did u attended the interview? Did they responded you for your call? I tried making a call to the person who asked me for the Documents. But that guy is not picking up the call and disconnecting always. Less

All my answers were to a point and narrated with good justification which was relevant to the questions that were asked. Less

Communications Security Establishment Canada | Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications

They asked me about network architect and what would be a generic network design.

2 Answers

I drew a standard network diagram.

Can you tell us about the exam?

Euclid Elementz

How do you react in pressure situation (like the entire system is down)

1 Answers

Follow protocol and inform seniors, follow chain and then change management process Less


My goal plans in the next 5 years

1 Answers

My plans to acquire certifications and technical knowledge


no technical questions just general discussion

1 Answers

if you know too much, you will not succeed in interviews

University of Michigan

what happens to a MAC frame with an unknown destination MAC address on a switch that participates in a multi-switch VLAN?

1 Answers

it gets flooded

International Workplace Group

How long would it take to get up to speed on the position requirements?

1 Answers

Honestly, not too long, because I work with those requirements several times a year. Less


Explain a situation when you had a conflict at work and how you handled it.

1 Answers

Provided an example from my work history and explained the situation, action I took, and the result. Less


telecom background, architecture related

1 Answers



Do you understand Meraki equipment?

1 Answers

Yes. Then they asked how many years I had experience with the equipment.

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