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Phone interview questions: Given an array of numbers (1,2,3,8,0,2,2,0,10), move all 0s to the right end and all other numbers to the left while keeping relative order of non-zero numbers. Has to be linear in time and in-place.

7 Answers

Similar to quickSelect algo.

$arr = array(1,2,3,8,0,2,2,0,10); $nonz = $zeros = array(); foreach($arr as $singleElement) { if($singleElement == 0) { $zeros[] = 0; } else { $nonz[] = $singleElement; } } print_r(array_merge($zeros,$nonz));

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Which specific balance sheet items would you look at to determine a company's credit worthiness?

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What do you know about Paul carr

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Tell me about a time you took a calculated risk

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Give examples of how you open up new clients.

1 Answer

Efficiency of a CHP plant and how it works?

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Cost of natural gas per MMBtu

1 Answer

what do you do out of work

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Tell me a time you have gone the extra mile. How would you describe yourself

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