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Staffing specialist Interview Questions in New York City, NY, US


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When can you begin employment

4 Answers

Answered that I wouldn't be in the area for another month or 2



What did you think when you walked in the office door? How do you feel about the lobby air (aesthetics) Where did you get your company research info (and after that some weird tangent rant about glassdoor reviews; mind you I got my BI from a trusted resource in the FS industry)

4 Answers

This company will not consider you if you don’t reply with salary requirements.

3 Answers

The interviewer asked me a very pointed question about one of my past experiences listed on my resume. It had been a while since I'd thought about this particular line item, so I struggled to give specific details when relating my answer. Make sure you thoroughly review your resume before going into the interview - this is where many of the behavioral-based questions will come from!

2 Answers

Group discussion :- medical tourism

2 Answers

Can you water hose? Education background, interests in building

2 Answers

Why zoho

2 Answers

Do I have a problem working late hours?

2 Answers

"how many years you work with *insert some Java technology here*?

2 Answers

none,, able to work nights and weekends?

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