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What is the role of an Apple Specialist

2 Answers

Its not software knowledge, its customer experence1

I would say the main role is to assist customers in chosing the right Apple solution for their needs. If there is no Apple solution then we recommend other alternatives as well.

What was the toughest situation I have been in?

1 Answer

My negatives

1 Answer

My style of programme management. How do I gain cross functional buy in? Nothing too difficult to handle if prepared and know the subject matter around the role.

1 Answer

Give me an example of when you had to complete a protect under times conditions and how you approached it?

1 Answer

Not really difficult at all, just general competency questions like 'how would you deal with a difficult customer' etc

1 Answer

Why Sky? Why You? Why Sales Retentions? What Motivates You?

1 Answer

What do you expect to earn here?

1 Answer

Keep asking me if I often expect praise from others. Also do I always put myself first in situations, this all sounded if I was selfish in having to say low to high to agree. I always put my children before myself but these questions were just de meaning.

1 Answer

'Give an example of when you've had to empathise with someone, how did you do this and what would you change?'

1 Answer
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