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Personal experiences regarding team experiences. Nothing technical was asked. (Very concerning for a technical role)

1 Answer

Brief detail of tasks and issues overcome. Commenting on how you interacted/dealt with other team members.

Technical test was detailed PHP (I am a LAMP developer). First face-to-face interview covered object orientated development, MVP, source control, scrum methodology and some database theory. Final interview with CEO was the most comprehensive, lots of computer science theory, some abstract maths and engineering, problem solving and a fair amount of questions about me as a person. It was hard but good.

Your house has been infested by 100 mice, and for some reason you want to put them all in as many cages as possible, with a different number of mice in each cage. How many cages can you manage?

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A riddle that was to be solved by logical thinking.

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Fizzbuzz test: Write a program in a language of your choice (on a piece of paper), where given a series of numbers, if the number can be divided by 3, it prints 'fizz' and if it can be divided by 5 it prints 'buzz', and if it can be divided by both 3 and 5 it prints 'fizzbuzz'.

All simple competency question, nothing technical.

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Tell me about a time you made a mistake at work

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competency based questions, they give you in advance most of what to expect, then one or two question on the spot