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Night Shift Assistant Interview Questions


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what do you know about Sainsbury's... an open question

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Learn few facts

A time you offered good customer service A time you helped your colleague Every penny counts a time I helped to save the business money

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Give previous experience of customer service How did you deliver customer service

When did I challenge or face up to a colleague at work?

What experience do you have in retail and around customers?

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Name a time you had to prove yourself to previous work colleagues?

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Asked some basic questions such as... when have you worked in a team? When have you worked to a tight deadline? Describe a time you've overcame a difficult situation? They then gave a couple of scenarios and asked how I would react: There's a woman admiring a dress in the shop window and wants to come in a buy it but her size isn't available? What would you suggest? Having found another similar dress she then wants to try it on but the fitting room is very busy and she doesn't have time. What would you suggest?

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