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Night Shift Interview Questions


Night shift interview questions shared by candidates

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A time you offered good customer service A time you helped your colleague Every penny counts a time I helped to save the business money

1 Answer

Explained the time when I was working for sainsburys and offered great customer service to an mature gentleman , who even tiped me ( left it with customer service), helps his shopping experience, engaged in contact, offered sainsbury products and used points from his necter card which he was unaware of. Helped collegue on bakery teaching her how to stack shelfs and the promtional section in a particular way and speed to increase sales and save time juggling so much when customers approach and shelves are empty. A time in the post office , regular lady comes in to post mail, currently at the back sealing the bags that the postman was meant to take in the next 15 mins ,i discuss the other postal services we offer to the lady who was gettin impatient and offered that she could have it sent today and not have to que, I signed the lady up for drop and go , where she leaves all her parcels and we post them for her the way stated on the form , she became a regular customer with the drop and go (postal service) Which saves us both time (que time and money lost)

what do you know about Sainsbury's... an open question

1 Answer

I would say the most difficult question was when I was asked why I felt I was suitable for a role within Sainsburys and what drives me to work for Sainsburys and not its competitors.

Have you ever had to give feedback to a colleague?

2 Answers

Have you ever had to get used to a new way of working? How did you do this?

How will my work as a customer assistant on a night shift help the customer?

What did you do in a team

1 Answer

Asked some basic questions such as... when have you worked in a team? When have you worked to a tight deadline? Describe a time you've overcame a difficult situation? They then gave a couple of scenarios and asked how I would react: There's a woman admiring a dress in the shop window and wants to come in a buy it but her size isn't available? What would you suggest? Having found another similar dress she then wants to try it on but the fitting room is very busy and she doesn't have time. What would you suggest?

1 Answer
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