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Think about a time when you've had to make an independent decision. What did you do?

What is one thing you could improve about yourself?

In regards to retail operations terminology and processes how familiar are you?

What are you doing when a door is damaged?

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What is you level of experience with (insert adobe program here)

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What do you like about Twitter (the platform rather than the company)? What are some things you could change about Twitter? Tell me about your experience. How would you manage a lot of information at one?

What are your five goals to achieve in the following year?

Online Test: Easy, just takes around 40 mins.Make yourself a cup of tea! Telephone Interview: What have you been doing in the past two years? What do you know about the role you have applied for? Why did you choose BA? Time when you were given instructions and how you followed them? Time when you made a hard decision? Explain a situation you had to deal with a customer? A time when you had to adapt? Once you are succsseful, there is ALOT of paper work to scan and upload online before the actual Assesement Day. Be patient here, it may take about 1-2 hours to complete this. Assessment Day: (Slough Holiday Inn, 830am, Wear a suit!) -Initially hand in all the documents/photocopies -Short presentation on the role you have applied for -About 20 candidates, split into 3 groups. At each table there is a friendly assesor that just asks us to tell about ourselves infront of the other 5 candidates. What you have been doing in the last few years and about your current or previous job. -Given some general questionnaires to fill in -Given a scenario to read in 5 minutes (scenario related to baggage handling). In this time you can make short notes. You then go to one of the assessors (one to one) and read out the scenario, explain what the issue is, and how you would tackle it. -Group exercise, given a task to discuss with your group (roughly 5 mins), discuss a plan and carry it out (you are not allowed to talk after the plan, so make sure instructions are clear between team members). The objective here is really to contribute to the discussion and make sure every one's voice is heard/ -Second group exercise was the follow up of the first group task. Again make sure you plan it well with the group as you cannot talk during the actual task. -Overall it was not bad, if you are nervous do not be, the BA recruitment team make you feel at ease and it's relaxed. -At the end, whether your successful or not they check all your documents again and make sure there is nothing missing. The whole process lasted 1.5 hours (not 2 as I was expecting) -They tell you whether your successful or not in 10-12 days. (They emailed me in 7 days)