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Operations Manager Interview Questions


Operations manager interview questions shared by candidates

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What would you say is your greatest achievement? What can you bring to Box? Why Box? Why have you applied to this specific role and not a different role? Tell me what experiences you have that makes you believe you're the right person for this role? What would you say has been your biggest failure?

How have you dealt with an underperforming employee Time when learnt something from scratch with no training Time when you dealt with employee dispute Time when you developed a new metric Time you used feedback to make a process better How did you hire your best employee

Interview - conducted by an operations manager, classic competency based questions.......what would you do if......give me an example of when.......

The presentation was based around a scenario whereby I'd just taken over a poor performing depot (below target on delivery times, too many damages, poor customer service scores and new starters causing problems etc.) I had 45 minutes to prepare my presentation which had to contain my solutions to these problems in the short / medium and long term.

The role play was the third part of the assessment afternoon. 45 minutes to read the information and prepare for a meeting with the union rep. The scenario was based around the need to introduce new working practices and times.

How would you increase the number of trips from 10k/week to 15k/week.

- Why Amazon? - Tell me about a time when you invented something? - Tell me about a time when you put a strategy together? - Cost savings projects? - Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without data? The list goes on....search the many glassdoor interview reviews!!!

What would you say your biggest weakness is?

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