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During the second round of face to face interview I was asked to complete a role play based on people management. I was presented with a scenario where a new employee in my team was having some difficulties and these issues were highlighted by other members of the management team. I was to conduct a 1 on 1 conversation with the employee.

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I took notes and with them prepared an opening to the conversation which clearly stated what we were talking about and what the goal of the meeting was. I then tried to get to the root of the employees issue to create a level of understanding. I then finished up with a summary of what had been discussed and what follow up actions were committed to. During the exercise I focused on remaining in control of the conversation and focusing on the goal of the meeting.

Normal Interview questions for this role. How to troubleshoot? How to optimise campaigns? And also concentrated on JavaScript knowledge far too much for the role.

Why are you certain you will thrive our operations manager?

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why you always preferred by education. first preference on talent

What is the biggest mistake that you have ever made at work?

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Tell a time when you excelled, how did you succeed what obstacles did you have, did you have to deal with any ambiguity.

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Describe a time that something went wrong and what you did about it

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How would I drive improvements through the line

I was asked to work through my CV, explaining all experience I had and how this would relate to the skills highlighted as important to the role. I was also asked about how I would respond to certain situations and what my aims with regards to work are. After the interview I had to carry out some tests on my excel and letter writing skills.

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