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Operations Manager Interview Questions


Operations manager interview questions shared by candidates

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What was your greatest mistake? What did you learn from it?

What is the greatest challenge you have ever overcome?

1 Answer

Give an example of when you have had to work under pressure?

1. What was a difficult thing you had to do? How did you overcome it and what was the Result. 2. How would you deal and work with a challenging individual at work? 3. Since you have no previous experience working in the NHS, what transferrable skills can you bring into the team? 4. What sort of cost effective processes can you implement in your first 100 days in service? 5. Who do you think are your support groups within the trust 6. In what way would you like management to support you so you perform well within the role you have been assigned

Describe how you have influenced a strong group of individuals the change a working process?

What do you know about JP Morgan?

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