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Central Transport
Operations Supervisor was asked...18 June 2014

I can only offer 50K for a salary. Is this acceptable?

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Oriana House

How did I believe my prior employment with the Federal Bureau of prisons would assist me in my position with Orianna house? Did I believe I would have problems differentiating between my former role and the new role?

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I responded that I was very comfortable in my beliefs and that I thought I would have no difficulty separating my prior employment with my current. I stand by the fact, that we are all diverse and although they may be convicted of a crime, I am not there to punish, I am there merely to maintain the safe and orderly running of the facility. Less

No I do not have no problem with maintaining my safety their safety in the facility I am very qualified as well as a team player hard worker dependable Less

My formal role will be the same row as my new role so now I will have no differences I know my job Well Less

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Nesma & Partners

What is your previous experience?

4 Answers

Describe previous work experience

Well site as of now I'm working here haradh civil work building

Civil & electro mechanical and oil and gas

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Big Lots

can you lift 80 lbs

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can you lift 80 lbs. all day. every day. while running a cash register, handling 3 customer complaints and running for a price check? Less


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Tell me a time when you lead a team that consisted of various support groups?

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I've never lead a group.

si, he liderizado grupos de apoyo que consistían en manejo de operaciones en apoyo a reestructurar sistemas eléctricos que permitan el mejoramiento en los sistemas eléctricos para el mejor funcionamiento del area Less

Used DMAIC example.

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Bebidas Fruki

Competências e resultados obtidos nos últimos trabalhos

3 Answers

Informando os apectos relevantes de minhas competencias de maneira geral mas que evidenciem meus pontos fortes e virtudes em relação a gestão de equipes; Cito os últimos projetos ou resultados baseados em valores absolutos e percentuais atingidos e como e quanto revertidos em prol da empresa. Less

Trabalhei na Coca cola fensa mais de 4 ano e meio sempre tive reposição de meu trabalho .tive sempre ótimo colegas e carregados da empresa . Less

Gostaria de trabalhar com fruki se tiver vaga . Salário a combinado da empresa .se for selecionado por uma entrevista na empresa . Gostaria de agradecer por uma Portonidade da fruki. Less

How you can manage or handle the work pressure.

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I have to work pressure I handle to softly and gently

I believe that we can control pressure with team work,discipline and good communication with the team Less

Warehouse Operation is Team Work..Needs to be properly organized & well planned & coordinated with the staffs. Less

Costco Wholesale

Percent of member that are executive.

3 Answers

Gave a %, really didn't know.

The percentage differs by warehouse my building fluctuates from 45-48

Mine is 53 or higher

Marriott International

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

3 Answers

Growing get with the company hopefully in a managers position or my own hotel to run Less

I, I am going to be 68 years old, working for this wonderful company, certainly in a position of manager, happy working with love and pleasure Less

My goal is to manage sector, department and even general manager in the hotel

Rite Aid

What do you do if you see an employee stealing?

3 Answers

When Hr having sexy with upper management what can I so smh

When Hr having sexy with upper management what can I so smh

Can we her Loreal out of Rite Aid she having sex a district mangers and our APA manger. Who can I go to for help without getting fired. Please help me Less

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