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OSP Design Engineer was asked...7 February 2020

Asked about background history, software knowledge and reasons for leaving last company.

1 Answers

Told them of my 20 years of telecom history and 30 plus years of construction and Autocad history. Less


They mostly asked about my resume and see how I communicated with them

1 Answers

I just went over my resume nothing big

Tilson Technology Management

Describe a time you had felt unsafe while at work.

1 Answers

I think I've always felt safe at work and typically don't feel uncomfortable. With that said, an engineer who had been working for me was showing up to work late and started missing deadlines. He and I were the only two left in the office one night and we walked out to our cars together. I mentioned, off the cuff, that the quality of his work was declining and asked what had been going on. Evidently, he had just gotten divorced and was dealing with a lot of personal issues. I told him he had my support and should reach out to HR if he needs to talk with a professional. Less


What is your experience with OSP? Can you work under high pressure and deadline driven deadlines?

1 Answers

No difficulty in answering questions. I was completely confident in my ability to answer questions that were presented to me. Less

Byers Engineering

you want a job...?

1 Answers



Questions regarding OSP design

1 Answers

I do not remember any difficult questions

How long was I and OSO engineer

1 Answers

6 years experience


Describe your method of collecting field data for joint use poles on which your job was to determine if there is sufficient space and strength to place an additional cable?

1 Answers

Explained in detail the methods I used and the design philosophy.

Engineering Associates

How long did it take to get an offer.

1 Answers

Less than one day.

Engineering Associates

Why did you leave your former employer.

1 Answers

To pursue a unique and challenging job opportunity.

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