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Other Interview Questions

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What do you know about x, y and z products?

1 Answer

Recruiter advised me to research at least two of 10 product types in order to be able to discuss them in the interview. However, the interviewers grilled me about every product and sat there and stared at me waiting for a response even if I didn't know the answer.

What is your five year plan?

1 Answer

Tell me some differences between Java and Python.

1 Answer

How can you achieve encapsulation in a class?

1 Answer

tell me everything you know about baml

1 Answer

We had a problem of updating a trading system and a few choices we could work on.

1 Answer

Explain the difference between Futures and Options.

1 Answer

None according to me.

1 Answer

What do you think the euro will do during the year?

1 Answer

technical questions about Java and C++

1 Answer
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