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Outpatient Therapist was asked...18 September 2015

What populations are you most comfortable working with?

1 Answers

Did you have to complete pre employment drug testing?

Community Health Network (Indiana)

Tell us about a time you disagreed with a co-worker?

1 Answers

I answered it honestly but in my situation everything worked out fIne. So maybe don't tell about a time where the end result wasn't the greatest. Less

Nystrom and Associates

They asked what kind hell I was passionate about serving.

1 Answers

Lol. Not passionate about any hell 😂

Nystrom and Associates

How do you handle a patient you know is suicidal.

1 Answers

I perform de-escalation in hopes of calming the patient down and allowing them time to express why they are feeling that suicide is the only out. Less

The Center for Mental Health (Montana)

Prior to the interview, I was given 2 case vignettes and asked to provide a diagnosis and my approach to treating each individual.

1 Answers

I provided an individual based on my training and my personal counseling style.

"Tell me about what kind of classes you took while you were at school that would help you in this position?"

1 Answers

I talked about classes related to abnormal psych, personality psych, discussed my research into the subject (which I presented in the past), and about my personal interest in helping people overall. Less

San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center

How did I hear about the company?

1 Answers

I heard about the company from a fellow colleague who had a wonderful experience at this agency. Less

Health Connect America

How would you handle situations.

1 Answers

Ethically and talked about my character.

Chrysalis Health

The interviewer was harsh and judgmental in asking again about lapse in employment after already discussing this previously with educational achievement and temp jobs being the answer.After I described how I handled a violent episode with a client, he asked me what I had learned which was a good question.

1 Answers

A computer skills and vignette's interpretations was included in the interview.

Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services

How will you help client's who are already in risk

1 Answers

It depends. How you intervene to help someone at risk depends on many factors. How and in what way are they at risk? What kind of risk are we talking about? Is this a DV situation? Is substance use involved? Is suicidal ideation the issue? If so, again more information is needed depending on each of these possibilities. Sharp and quick assessment skills are critical to providing quality care to clients. There is no one cookie cutter answer to this question. Less

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