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It was a subquestion regarding an aspect of economic regulation. I might have found it more difficult due to my lack of exposure to the field.

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Hi, last week I also went to oxera for an interview and the wrtitten test. The test was ok, but the interview was terrible. I am not english native and I was really nervous. How did you know that you did not pass to the next round? I am almost 100% positive that I won't be able to make it also, but I would like to know for sure. Did they send you an email? Thank you,

Yes, I received an email, though it took a while (over two weeks). Best of luck!

Thanks =)

What are your greatest weaknesses? How would you describe your best mate? How would he/she describe you? Have you ever interacted with someone outside of your social class? What will we find out about you that we don't like, if we offer you a job?

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Capacity Factors Renewable Electricity Generation Supporting Mechanisms Challenges in decarbonising the electricity sector of X country of your choice EU-ETS Carbon Tax

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what feedback have you received that caused you to change behaviour

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Tell me about yourself

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Why do you want to work for this company

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Why do you want to be a consultant?

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If a customer isn't ready to book what do you do?

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What are my hobbies

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What do you think recruitment entails?

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