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What transferrable skills can you bring to the role? Talk me through your CV.. Managers for the team flicked through my CV whilst I was talking through it and didn't ask any questions on any one of my previous roles. When I asked what the company culture was like they responded with 'whats that?', which I knew was my cue to leave! I withdrew from the process the following day. Working hours for the company were 8am - 6.30pm for a salary of between 22-23k average for this role.

How would you respond if a client was pushing you to do something you knew to be illegal?

What's your biggest weakness/ flaw?

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Tell me a time you used a form of communication to get a point across

Whether I had any administrative experience and to elaborate on the role and skills acquired.

Why would you like to work for the FCA; How well do you work in a team; Proudest achievement; Mistakes made and remedied in previous employment

Have I ever had a problem with a manager and how was this resolved ?

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