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RFI Comm. & Security Systems
Payroll Manager was asked...3 September 2017

Everyone was kind in the interviews. They have FOX NEWS playing in the lobby while waiting for your appointment which was rather daunting. i.e. "How can I ever work for someone with a FOX NEWS brainwashed mentality. That part was the scariest of all. They make you take a basic accounting principals written exam and then a 'Personality / Culture Examination' They won't tell you but I guess I failed the culture exam because after round 3 of interviews with the CEO and Board, they loved me but after the 'Culture Exam' I didn't hear back for a month. They did low ball the pay rate during discussion. In the end, I am happy that I wasn't selected. You see, my neighbor watches FOX NEWS religiously and we get into some heated arguments... I cannot imagine keeping my mouth shut when the CEO is of the same mindset. If you really want to work for them, learn how to cheat on the personality / culture fit exam.

3 Answers

Really? Fox News is where you draw the line? And the North Korea comment is just unbelievable. Less

So you judge someone's business ethics and personality by what they watch on tv. Sounds like you have some bitterness and other liberal issues you need to let go of. Focus on getting the job!! Make some money and trend your own garden. Life is Too $hort. Less

I'm happy that I didn't go to work for someone who plays FOX NEWS in their lobby... yikes ! That reminds me of North Korea... Where all TVs must be turned on to hear 'the great leaders' comments 24/7 Less

General Dental Council

How would I deal with an irate employee

2 Answers

Gave an example

Keep calm

Whole Foods Market

How would my time be managed between the two locations?

2 Answers

I would use prioritization.

I would manage my time between the two locations by listening to radio in my car while driving to the other location. Less

Bronte Construction

Experience in construction payrolls

1 Answers

Mentioned the companies in construction I did payroll for and what I did to improve them. Less

Greater Omaha Packing

They asked what I knew about using very specific systems. Kept saying the person that was in the role before created a huge mess.

2 Answers

I have only worked with one system.

Failed to answer the question. Never talk down about your past coworkers.

Winthrop University

Why did you leave your last role

1 Answers


Penn Highlands Healthcare

Various interview questions around how I would fit with management. Did not meet with the team

1 Answers

Talked open with them. I was told that I was what they were looking for and that I would make a good addition. Less


Explain your contributions on the projects you have listed on your resume.

1 Answers

The most difficult part of the response was giving very technical answers to the two interviewers over the phone when each of them had markedly different content knowledge. It was difficult to tell when the information was being understood adequately by both and when I needed to bring the explanation to a lower technical level. Less


Tell me about your self?

1 Answers

• I am highly effective at being able to work under pressure. For example, in my current job I was always given three time-sensitive tasks to complete each week. If I failed to deliver on each task, the company suffered, so I learnt to multi-task effectively and play my working day to ensure each task was completed on time and to the correct standard. Less

iProcess Online

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

1 Answers

I don't have much experience with payroll.

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