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Describe your previous experience that you feel is relevant to this role.

3 Answers

You have shown me love like no other

I am jobless and needed a job

I am very interested in your company

What are you ideas in prepping and organisation for Covid

1 Answer

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Plan to revew and implement new plans within the team

1 Answer

Why EY? Why this role? Why are you leaving your current place of work? What are your career ambitions? What does the perfect engagement look like? Is there anything that worries you about the role? How do you manage both upwards and downwards? What are some of your behaviours others might find annoying? Are there any engagements you haven't enjoyed working on? What is your leadership style? How do you motivate and lead others? What are you weaknesses/areas for development? Tell me about a time when you have dealt with conflict. Give me an example of an engagement that has been a success.

1 Answer

How would you deal with a GM that didn't listen to your advice/recommendations?

1 Answer

We want the perfect beer the very first time you tap a beer. How would you make sure a leadership programme is perfect to start with?

1 Answer

Describe your perfect day, from start to finish...

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