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They had you do group work. One question was if you are going to the moon and you have a list of things to bring. Rank them from most important to least important. You have 5 minutes to finish it and for every item in the wrong order you get so much time added to your score. The group with the lowest time wins.

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The trick is to listen. Make your choice obvious. Air is the first thing. Then for the next 25 or items who cares. Finish in a few seconds and take the time penalties. You are almost guaranteed to win because it is an exercise in time management an listening. Don't waist time debating of what you need the most.

What have you done in your previous work that will help you be a good PA?

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What would you do if you had a phone call from somebody suffering from Schizophrenia that was threatening to commit suicide.

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Describe a time you have had an issue with someone - or they you - and how you delay with it

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'how would your friends describe you?'

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Experience to date and salary expectations

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How do you manage conflicting priorities?

What experience do you have with different databases?

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