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Personal Assistant Interview Questions


Personal assistant interview questions shared by candidates

Top Interview Questions

Why did I want to be a carer and what was my experience with people.

1 Answer

Too much to type lol

What experience do you have with different databases?

What skills do I have that will be an assset to the company

What is your relevant experience for the position?

1 Answer

How long have you been working in the UK and why you decided to move? What did you do in your last role in London? What are your duties/tasks in your current job? How would one of your friends describe you?

I can't really remember now as it was about 4 years ago. I was asked how I would prioritise work. They were also interviewing for 2 roles that day, the position I am in and a general administrative position in the admin team. I was asked my preference and why I would prefer that post.

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