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Rabbit is playing on a ladder with 10 rungs. Rabbit can take a step of 1 or jump 2 steps at a time. How many different ways can it get from the bottom to the top?

4 Answers

thats 6 right?

its permutation! 10 rungs and 2 possible ways( 1 step/2 jumps) The rabbit can jump only one at a time or a in a mixed steps of 1 and 2 n!/(n-r)! = 10!/(10-2)!= 10!/8! = (10x9x8!)/8! = 10x9 =90

these answers are bull plop. it's fibonacci. condition on the size of the first jump and it's pretty obvious that f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2) with boundary conditions f(1) = 1, f(2) = 2. So f(10) is the 11th Fibonacci number which is 89.

how do you feel your previous experience will help you in this role?

1 Answer

Examples of questions include an example of times you've worked as a team to solve a problem & dealt with adversity in the workplace.

1 Answer

Show them examples of team work & familiarity with work in a referral based work environment. Smile & wave.

1 Answer

standard competency based Role Play

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Why Santander?

1 Answer

Interview went really well. Both managers who interviewed me were really happy with my answers, experience and personality.

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Describe when you have worked in a team...? The .... represent each of their strengths. Go onto the website and check it out

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