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Personal Banker Interview Questions


Personal banker interview questions shared by candidates

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standard competency based Role Play

1 Answer

Usual answers to competency questions

Why Santander?

1 Answer

Show them examples of team work & familiarity with work in a referral based work environment. Smile & wave.

1 Answer

Examples of questions include an example of times you've worked as a team to solve a problem & dealt with adversity in the workplace.

1 Answer

how do you feel your previous experience will help you in this role?

1 Answer

Tell us a time you went above and beyond your role to help a member?

"explain a time when you have gone beyond for a customer, what did you do?" "explain a time when you delivered quality customer service, how did you do it, how was the conversations conducted" "what is your definition of quality customer service" "how do you know when you have provided great customer service" "how do you deal with disappointment" "what skills do you possess that could be transfers to the senior pb role" "what is the most enjoyable thing about your present job and what do you least enjoy?"

Tell me a situation when you identified a potential risk for an organization? How you handled that risk?

Why Santander? Why PB position? What makes you ideal for the position? Give me an example where you have provided excellent customer service. Give me an example where you had to deal with a tricky customer.

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