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Pharmacovigilance associate Interview Questions


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So, tell me about yourself? What part of the role interests you?

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Summaried my CV and said I was looking for a full time role, not too fussed about what to do, just wanted a job.

If the same adverse drug reaction is reported by a patient, nurse, pharmacist or a doctor, would you put a different emphasis based on the type of reporter?

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CV, and skills. "Did your PSMF have errors?" To which I responses, "No", and was told "How would you know?". I had no response to that.

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Brief CV based questions. A few simple questions related to the presentation. Several questions were "memory tests", expecting me to have memorize reference information. at one point I mentioned "I can click and download the response in a minute, if you so wish"...

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HR went through STAR structure asking about communication, why I would like the job, why I think they should hire me, etc. Then asked some examples about a time when I had to make a difficult communication, about a stress situation, etc.

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The one thing he asked me specifically was that how much salary I was expecting from this company?

STAR based format. Give me a time where you look an idea and implemented it somewhere else?

- Asked questions around CV specifics & competency based question (expected to be answered in STAR format).

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