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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions


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What do you know about the role of a Pharmacy Technician?

Which areas of the industry you're interested in and why?

Advantages of OOP, what is it and how does it work? What is encapsulation? How does error handling works? Do you know what is exception handling? How does an hash table works? What is bubble sort? What is its complexity? What is quick sort? Do you now less complex sorting algorithms? What about merge sort? How does multithreading works? Advantages and Disadvantages? What is the race condition? Walk me through the several SQL commands? How to add and delete information in a DB?

Have you read the job description? If so what do you like most about what you will be doing?

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Describe previous work experience

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Talk about one thing on your cv that does you're a good fit for this role? How would you integrate into the team? I am still waiting to hear back

What are my plans for the next 5 years

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Mostly checking the communication skills and personal bio data. Knowledge on pharmacy and its products.

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