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Lloyds Banking Group
PhD Researcher was asked...11 November 2019

Why finance PhD thesis What quantitative skills do you have

5 Answers

Did you get the final round ?

No yet

Did you hear back from them yet? I still haven’t heard anything.

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In the case study, there was a question about a acquisition of another company, the question was, say you are the CEO of the plant, if the acquisition happens,if the acquisition does not happen, what will you do about the plant? will you shut it down because of its problems, or will you try to revive it....if you decide to revive it, how would you do it? I found this one tough because as per the case study, the plant had hell lot of problems.

3 Answers

how technical interview was?

i will try to revive it

Could you provide some more details of exactly what you did on the interview day ? Less

Center for Genomic Regulation

Where do you see yourself in 10 years.

2 Answers

Successful scientists, group leader myself

I see happy, a successful man. Enjoying my efforts and living with my family. Working in a place that I love and seeing how my jobs has been and is useful. Less

Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

General questions about research, and the amount of time spent on coding. Coding proficiency is very important. Also, maths questions covering probability and statistics. Most of them are obvious. Make sure to know conditional probabilities.

2 Answers

approximately 0.98

^ wrong post

Ab Initio

How would you parallelise this data-processing task?

2 Answers

Review parallel processing cases and solutions.


Copenhagen Business School

phd project

2 Answers

Did you present your project?

Hi, thanks for sharing your interview experience for the PhD position at CBS. It would be great if you could share your experience in more detail. 1. What was the composition of the interview panel? 2. What was the interview mode ? Skype or Face-to-face? 3. What was the duration of the interview? 4. What were the questions asked? Were you asked to present your project? 5. What was the time gap between the time you were told you were qualified to the interview date? 6. When were you intimated about the outcome of your interview? Thanking you in anticipation of receiving answers to the above Less

University College Cork

What research topic would you address if you had a budget of a million euros?

2 Answers

I wouldn't for that. First I would buy a house. Then for 500,000 I would invest 100,000. Then after 4 years show the profit. Less

First I would go to the literature on analytical detection of analytes. First and foremost I would phone industry people to meet them for to discuss difficulties for collaboration of what I can do. However, I would start with review articles to broaden my knowledge to expand. Less

National University of Singapore

Was asked to explain profile and previous projects

2 Answers

Was given a initial project for 3 months and they judge you based on the results and perfrmance Less

Any vaccancies for civil engineers ?

Phd Engineer was asked...21 September 2018

What leadership roles have you taken

2 Answers

Have you heard back from them?

Yes. I got invited to a followup skype interview with 2 members from a technical division related to my research Less

Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

A coding question. You have a list of integers, how do you write a code to find the largest integer in the list and the number of times it appears?

2 Answers

This was fine, I nailed this one pretty much, apart from some minor slip ups. Although the interviewer went into a LOT of detail on some parts of this, which was annoying, because I had displayed I knew the answer already. Not sure what they were looking for there. Less

To find largest k values from array of size N, there are two approaches: Efficient Sort: O(NlogN + k) Max Heap: O(N + klogN) Quickselect: O(kN) For k=1, quickselect wins. Otherwise Max heap probability wins. Less

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