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Why finance PhD thesis What quantitative skills do you have

5 Answers

Did you get the final round ?

No yet

Did you hear back from them yet? I still haven’t heard anything.

To solve the Laplace equation

1 Answer

Why do you want to pursue a career in research?

1 Answer

How would you fit into the department

1 Answer

Why this University? Where do you see your self in next 5 years? Why this topic?

1 Answer

1. What do you know about the University? 2. What is required for a PhD student to get a successful Doctorate? 3. Technical Questions related to the projects

1 Answer

Any questions that you would like to ask us about the course / university / the department?

1 Answer

Questions were specific to the research theme of the group.

1 Answer

If the photon carries only spin 1, how is it possible that an atom absorbs a photon and gains more angular momentum than hbar?

1 Answer

Who would be your preferred supervisor? Why is that?

1 Answer
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