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Senior scientist Interview Questions in Philadelphia, PA, US


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If P(A) is .7 and P(B) is .6, can A and B be disjoint events.

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No. A and B must co-occur at some point.

Why were you interested in this position?

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Describe the difference between covariance and correlation.

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Answer the boy-girl problem.

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how are you qualified for the position? describe your best achievement as a scientist

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Motivations to leave current job? Describe situations where you handled difficult situations/people?

Only one real behavioral question from the HR manager: How do you work in a team setting? The rest of the interview largely revolved around my resume.

About my experience, technical questions, behavioral questions etc.

Got some very good technical questions during the presentation and had a good discussion. During one on one, more discussion on experience related to the role and some common interview questions. Overall very casual and relaxing conversations.