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William Osler Health System
Occupational & Physical Therapist Assistant was asked...1 November 2017

You are walking a patient, and someone else requires your immediate help. What do you do?

3 Answers

If I can safely transfer the patient back to their room to be able to help, I would. Otherwise, I would suggest the other individual find someone else to help. Less

I want to help that person first

I want to help that person first

Club Staffing

What is your area of specialty with the most experience? In regards to patient population most seen and have the greatest interest in.

2 Answers

Geriatrics with specifics on stroke rehabilitation. Internship with a stroke rehab lab. Less

Yes, i accepted

Select Physical Therapy

The most difficult question to ask yourself is, "am I willing to sacrifice my ethical and moral standards to work for a company who regards billing Medicare over patient rights".

2 Answers

Ethics first

I hope they get reported to Medicare for unethical billing and patient treatment. Less

ATI Physical Therapy

What made you get into physical therapy?

2 Answers

My mom inspired into the physical therapy field.

I started as a CNA and admire the work the therapy department does with patients. Less

Clear Choice Health Care

How much are looking to make?

2 Answers

Told them what I thought I was worth.

I would tell them THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! I have used this saying before especially in a sales interview. The person who was interviewing Loved It! And quess what I was hired! Less

Sava Senior Care

Why do you want to work here

2 Answers

I like the patient population, the environment and the amount of one on one time with the patient . Less

Working one on one in this environment would be a great challenge to reach goal oriented outcomes. Less

Functional Pathways

Do I think that I could be 90 % + productive on a daily basis?

2 Answers

It's not easy unless you plan on burying your head in your iPad to document while treating Less

I explained that I would do my best and that expectation seemed a little high.

Baptist Health System KY & IN

What would you do if a patient you had been working with started refusing to work with you.

2 Answers

I would question the patient as to why they were refusing treatment with me, and then give them the option of working with another therapist. Less

Try to find out if a specific thing is bothering the patient and if it can be changed. If it cannot be changed or the patient is not able to explain the problem then have the patient switched to another therapist if possible. Less

How would you catch someone bigger than you as they were beginning to fall?

1 Answers

hold and pull the gait belt to try to prevent the patient from falling, but if the patient is so huge and will really fall at least it would be in a slow manner, and most importantly it would decelerate the impact and somehow would be no or less injury to the patient. Less

Caldwell Memorial Hospital

Experience with wound care and if that is an area I would like to become more knowledge and practice?

1 Answers

Most definitely, I had had some exposure in a clinical experience and had fallen in love. Less

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