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How many golf balls would fit in this cubicle?

2 Answers

What's the difference between a linked list and an array?

2 Answers

Evaluate this CPM

2 Answers

What's your name and why do you want to work for Hays?

3 Answers

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Questions range from 'What is your experience of Aldi?', 'Provide an example of a time when you were working under pressure to achieve a target or goal'.

2 Answers

When is a time you've solved conflict within a group?

2 Answers

How would you persuade a mechanical engineer that they should invest in a Management accountant instead of investing in ballast?

2 Answers

How do I deal with difficult situations.

1 Answer

How long do you think our lead time is for our main product?

1 Answer

Strengths and weaknesses

1 Answer
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