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What interests you about our company?

3 Answers

Before the interview, I have done some research about the company online (looking at news and their website). I just tried to tell all I knew about the company and the part I like about them; at the same time tried to link my personal interest with what the company had.

hospitality and guest love

I'm interested for find a job as head chef. I had an 23 years experience on kitchen.

Typical interview questions: - Tell me about yourself - What makes you a good fit for the role and company? - Give example of when overcame a problem - Give example of when you worked in a team

2 Answers

What's your name and why do you want to work for Hays?

3 Answers

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How long do you think our lead time is for our main product?

1 Answer

Describe the Ceres fuell cell.

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Talk me through your CV, Explain situations over coming problems. Assessment centre had IT based assessment involving data, copywriting tasks and group presentations.

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Why do you want this role?

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How could you embody our values through your work?

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They asked about my previous experience.

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How do you communicate ideas effectively with different audiences?

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