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The problem solving exercise was to suggest improvement measures for a small town divided by a heavily trafficked main road which is flanked by an ecologically sensitive area and a river with limited crossing potential.

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The exercise bears a strong resemblance to a previous Jacobs project and whilst the obvious solution may well be the best solution the real test is in your ability to justify and communicate your response. The interviewers didn't seem to want to catch you out and would ask questions for further points of clarification if you missed anything in your initial response to the question. Also, the answer need not just be about civil engineering but also peripheral issues such as socio-economic impacts.

3rd stage was a technical test mostly consisting of fundamental knowledge of wing and 1st year stress analysis and mechanics

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Why Warner Bros?

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Trace 5 pages of assembly code and write down the output.

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what are your values and how have they shaped you to be where you are.

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Why Maserati?

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1st part of the interview was focused on the company and what I knew about it and the industry

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