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Write idempotent infrastructure code to an AWS EC2 instance

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Any tool was allowed but then they failed my test result because of the tool I have chosen, which is absurd. It turned out the person who reviewed my test was not even a technical person, forget about having any sort of skills in that area!

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that our turnaround time for your interview feedback was slower than usual. We do try our best to make the interview experience a positive one and look to provide constructive and detailed feedback as appropriate. I can assure you that a consultant has reviewed your application in detail and the outcome, on this occasion, was correct. We would be happy to provide further information and advice to help your chances of a subsequent application being successful. Kind regards, Tom __________________________ Tom Walton - Director

Don't bother Tom, I'm not interested in your self-righteous opinion. I was provided 7 lines of "feedback", one of which said "If you have to upload a file, it's not really automation". What is this, Linux 101 class? You wanted me to write 1 line of bash script to upload a zip file? If you did, why didn't you make it clear in test? You allegedly gave me freedom over the choice of config mgt tool. Then the feedback said that Puppet is not "the best tool" for the job. Did you ask for "the best" tool? NO! I chose the tool I was most proficient at. Besides, it's declarative not imperative, which is the proper way to do config mgt. Another absurd feedback point: "the server might be in an unknown state". What does that even criticise? I am using industry standard Puppet modules. Are you telling me that the industry standard modules are "not good enough" for the job?? Another one: "The solution only focuses on Apache". There are TWO FILES in the custom code, one for APACHE one for NODE.JS, are you serious?? The description only mentions APACHE and says DON'T MODIFY THE BACKEND, yet I still ensured it's in place. Still a negative point?? What else do you want, SSH config?? Firewall? You're in AWS, what firewall. Was there a SINGLE LINE OF EXPLANATION in the test description??? REALLY CLASSY. You guys have FOUR OUT OF FOUR NEGATIVE REVIEWS of your interview process. Yet your self righteousness gives you the confidence to defend yourselves. Don't waste your time. I'm not a time waster unlike you guys. I have no interest in your response.

questions were really generic, and not challenging at all

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The technical test was: "Our traffic robots travel around London to report on traffic conditions. Every time a robot passes close to a tube station, it assesses the traffic condition in the area, and reports it". Any programming language could be used but the position was for a Go developer.

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Tell me about a time when you had to talk to a client or stakeholder about letting them down.

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containerization with docker and kubernetee.. backup and log management..

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What port does DNS use

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what Win32 development?

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what is Marshalling

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Competency based questions Written test

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Group exercise is nothing to worry about- required discussion over the ranking of particular items in a survival situation.

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