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Platform Support Engineer was asked...7 March 2018

Competency based questions Written test

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Interview at eSure was a complete waste of time. Advertised the job, conducted interview and then internally hired someone. Why waste time of candidates and recruiting agencies if you want to hire internally? ESure should be ashamed for this unprofessional behaviour. Candidates should make expense claims for having to travel to Reigate to do interviews when ESure wanted to fill in the position internally. Less


What are some indicators of a good API.

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Proper status codes, RESTful, meaningful error messages etc

Bede Gaming

Er, it says here on your CV that you've had experience in 1st, 2nd and 3rd line roles, er, so, erm, what exactly makes you think you know what a 3rd line role is?


Linux questions like ulimit & file descriptors


Rest API integration questions, Oauth security, etc


How do you fine tune a weblogic environment


Basic questions about docker and linux commands

Bede Gaming

Er, say a server goes off over the weekend, what erm, like, systems do you have in place to let you know? When do you find out? What's the process?

Bede Gaming

So, let's say someones computer goes off, what's the process of how you know about it? Who is it assigned to?

Bede Gaming

Er, walk me through your normal day, what do you do, your daily tasks?

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