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United Nations
Policy Advisor was asked...18 June 2018

What makes you the best qualified candidate for the job

8 Answers

I am detailed oriented and I am a multi task person. Also I speak 3 languages; English, French and Arabic Less

Experience and dedication Loyalty and respect for any job

Self determination and the urge to to learn new things, experience and expertise in what I do Less

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Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Describe an ambiguous situation and how you dealt with it

2 Answers

Describe the situation relevant to me and discussed the actions i took, the the result of those actions Less

I was presenting to an audience that were predominately Māori, and it wasn't long before I realised that not all understood te reo Māori. . To appease the situation I immediately changed my delivered and presented in English and Māori. Less

The Law Society

Can you tell us about something you think should be regulated (as the policy role was for regulatory affairs)

1 Answers

I messed up on this question but the rest of the interview went well and the employees were very polite when nervous. Less

Government of Canada

How I can contribute to the organization. Addressed specific questions about skills. Tested knowledge about government processes such as finance, procurement.

1 Answers


First question When was the last time you were happy Another question Wnat doesnt killyou make you stronger. Do you agree

1 Answers

I babbled incoherently. Needless to say I didnt get the job. Not a single question about the EU! ( i have a background in EU studies. I came out thinking the EU officials will make mincemeat out of this lot. Less

Cabinet Office UK

Tell me about a time that you have shown strategic vision.

1 Answers

It's a great shame they take so long to send results

Civil Service United Kingdom

Would people in your life say you are trustworthy?

1 Answers


Property Council of Australia

What does advocacy work mean to you?

1 Answers

Advocacy is one of the main parts of the organisation, thankfully I had read up on it on the website the night before. I would recommend that. Less


Describe the evolution of one policy change, how it came about etc.

1 Answers

It is firstly need to hard work activates then try

Government of Alberta

What are the GoA public service values and how do you meet them?

1 Answers

Tell me of a time when you dealt with a challenge or problem and how did you resolve it? Less

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