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Postdoctoral research fellow Interview Questions


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How many papers do you plan to publish?

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Used previous Postdocs output of 2 as a guideline (for a 2 year contract length)

What do you know about the microbiota?

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Where I saw myself in 5-10 years. Interpersonal difficulties I've experienced at work and how I dealt with them. Initiative shown when running projects/experiments

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Do you know about the method by Zhuang and colleagues? How were they able to use a neat approach for two-colour imaging?

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Look at these immunofluorescence images (showed a Figure from a recent paper by the lab). Clearly these mutations are doing something. What would you do next?

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How does your previous work suggest that you can handle your proposed research?

Motivation for joining the institute. Some technical basic questions regarding amino acids.

If you came across a technique you weren't experiences in, what would you do?

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