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Emory University School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Research Fellow was asked...6 May 2015

Questions were mainly research specific

4 Answers

I tried to answer as good as I could

Hi, the information you posted in helpful, however I would like to know what kind of research question did they ask you? Werethe question were related to your past research experience, the techniques that you manage, or about your research plan? Did they ask you for a specific technique? Do you live in Atlanta? If don't, they pay you travel expensives? Thank you so much!!!! Less

I strongly depends on the person you interview with. When you apply for a Postdoc position you mainly talk to the PI who wants to hire you. You will probably also talk to people in the lab because you are supposed to work with them. I have seen interviews that lasted an entire day, including giving a talk, lunch, talk to potential collaborators and dinner. If you apply for a T32 position they may be able to pay for your travel expenses. So it really varies from case to case. Read up on stuff they are doing in the lab. Show interest, Good luck. Less

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

How would you cope into a National Laboratory in the middle of no-where after coming from a vibrant city like Chicago? Remember, post-doctoral people have complained about feeling dejected at work because of a lack-lustre social life.

2 Answers

In today's world, no distance is too long. Most of my close friends are all over the world, with whom I keep in touch over electronic media. Also, I am really keen to see how I fit-in in a small-town rather than in a big-city. Given my past experiences, I think I will be happier here. Less

If you think Knoxville is in the middle of nowhere, you're doing it wrong

University of Notre Dame

Wanted to know technical skills.

1 Answers

I said what my technical skills were and what ones I would like to learn.

Whether I was planning on publishing many papers, and with which impact factor.

1 Answers

That I was writing a number of papers, to be submitted to high-impact journals.

University of Dayton

How much were you thinking for a salary.

1 Answers

$50,000 which was significantly more than was affordable.

Harvard University

What kind of research do you want to work on in the future?

1 Answers

I had prepared a research agenda.


Whom did you find most interesting during your interactions today and why?

1 Answers

It was from the last interviewer at 5:30pm. I was meeting people since 8:00am. I was tired and I couldn't give a good answer. Less

UC San Diego

I was asked clearly if I would like to pursue academic research or of I was interested in going to industry.

1 Answers

I replied that I was interested in progressing in my academic career to eventually become an independent PI. Less

UC San Diego

Do you like school?

1 Answers

I hate it.

University of Nevada, Reno

Do you have scholarship?

1 Answers

No I dont.

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