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PPC Specialist was asked...17 June 2020

Tell me about the experience in your current role

2 Answers

I told the member of the Human Resources staff about the experience in my current role, however, their was no digging deeper into my past history Less

I had the exact same situation a few days ago, with a Recruiter that wasn't interested in what I had to say at all. I was asked about my current role (which isn't the best role I had) and she just didn't try to learn more about my past experiences. I wasn't able to show my talent at all and it's definitely one of the most awkward interview experiences that I've ever had. They rejected me without even sending me a message or anything. Shame, I thought this was supposed to be a good company. Less

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India

How do you make production plan when your demand increase more than capacity

1 Answers

Answers are many. However we need to grasp culture of company.


How high of budgets have you managed?

2 Answers

I answered from $500 a month for small business owners; to most recently $350,000 in monthly campaign spend for Fortune 500 companies. Less

We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your interview experience. RevolutionParts strives to provide the best candidate experience. Working for a startup is a unique experience and we want to be candid about our company culture from the very beginning. Not only does the candidate have to be the right fit for RP, but we want to be the right fit for the candidate. We truly appreciate your time invested in the interview process, and we wish you best of luck with your job search. - RP team Less

Ppc was asked...2 September 2017

About project & some technical questions

1 Answers

Was able to answer confidently

Tell me about your self?

1 Answers

What do you know about PPC and SEO? tell me

Reason for a change

1 Answers

For best use of available sources.

Halla Group

About my college projects , . current Automobile situation

1 Answers

i told about my projects, my management skills. i explained what i expected in my nature of work. Less

Tempel Steel

How you are going to manage the workmen?

1 Answers

that we cannot tell directly, we have to see the team members, HR policy, their background in education, level of understanding with that company... those all are need to be analyzed..... Less


Past experience and technical questions.

1 Answers

Honestly and briefly.


basic regarding the job and based in profile

1 Answers

be hoonest and answer all questions, prepare well for technical

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