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Scott Dawson Advertising
Public Relations Executive was asked...19 June 2019

The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

5 Answers

The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

Just read this comment with interest I’m a professional HR Executive and I think you’re very unprofessional making comments about a company you haven’t even been to - your naivety is quite clear that you don’t know the commercial business world and how companies operate and make decisions - I don’t know the company you’re referring to but I think they’ve done themselves a favour not employing you - get a grip girl and welcome to the real commercial world Less

Dissing a company publicly online over a pathetic conversation which is obviously biased shows very immature behaviour from yourself - businesses have more important decisions to worry about rather than worrying about comments from little girls (assuming you’re a girl) who are offended by not being pampered by a business who clearly were interested in offering you a position - at least they’ve escaped employing you - try and be more professional instead of slagging businesses off who are trying to keep their heads above water with day to day challenges Less

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Fullerton Hotel

What will you contribute to the company?

2 Answers

Why did you leave your previous company?

I will provide excellent and good service for our customers just to make sure that they are satisfy with our services. Less


Why Hospitality? as always

1 Answers

Passion and room for growth

Niche Software Solutions

if i wanted to be a content writer?

1 Answers

no i would like to stick to the profile i applied for.

IOBC Solutions

What drives you to excel in everything?

1 Answers

The things that drive me most are my family (husband, and dog), and my education. I'm currently going to school in Business Management so I want as much experience as possible, and I want to be able to be financially stable for my family. Less

The Baddish Group

Have you managed other employees in the past?

1 Answers

I answered letting the owner of the company know that yes I had managed employees in the past including interns and junior account executives at multiple PR firms that I worked at, as well as staff members at the hotels and restaurants that I was the event coordinator for in Miami. Less

DPR Group

Why go to X Top rated College !?!?!

1 Answers

I had a full ride to that university...


Tell me about a sale that turned out to have a surprise?

1 Answers

I described a sale that had a surprise financial benefit not apparent in the original sale. Less

Tourism Ireland

How do you manage relationships with media in a different country

1 Answers

Adapt to their required needs and use the same principles you would use in your country of work..using professionalism and integrity Less

The Indian Hotels

What's your family background?

1 Answers

Even they don't know why they ask this? But they pretend it is important.

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