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What is my ideal role and what would I ideally like to achieve?

1 Answer

Described what I like to achieve, as well as my vision for how I can help the business to achieve their goals.

Technical scenario-based questions where you have to come up with a solution based on some particular customer requirements.

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

Implement a maximum element algorithm using the C language on the whiteboard, then discuss how this algorithm could be adapted to C++ and Java. How would each language make the algorithm polymorphic?

1 Answer

Describe a mistake that you have made and what you did to rectify it.

1 Answer

how do you handle stress and high workloads?

1 Answer

what can you do to convince us you are the best candidate for the job ?

1 Answer

What is your package at your current employer? What is your basic salary? What is your commission and OTE? What benefits do you get?

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What do you know about Trustpilot?

1 Answer

What type of package are you looking for?

1 Answer
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