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Standard behavioural and competency-based questions, around past experience, scenarios, e.g. "Tell me about a time when... "

First question - what is something that you enjoy doing?

The interview consisted of standard CV screening questions

The interviews were all two way conversations rather than rote Q&A.

very technical question considering some use cases assessment of your experience and knowledge

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more technical questions on dot net and Java. more on code review and scenario based questions. Also 3 panel will ask you to write code and find bugs from the code given. also they ask to improve code by performance

Describe a time when you had to change something/scenario to help you.

When thinking of DevOps, what are the 5 important things to note - do not name tools

What I wanted from BCG long term

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Stage1: 1. Why WeGift? 2. Different services in AWS that you have worked on? 3. Explain about current employer? 4. Explain about your contribution in current project architecture? 5. Tech stack used in current project? 6. Explain Event sourcing pattern Stage2: 1. Quick intro. 2. Technical questions on threading, concurrency and performance. 3. Why python? 4. Code loop on anagram and find the string exists in anagram.

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