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The toilet in a guest room was continually flushing, the guest had already made a member of staff aware of this but nothing had been done. The guest now reports this to you, what do you do and what do you expect the outcome to be?

1 Answer

I would inform the manager that the guest has highlighted the issue twice, so it is a matter of urgency to fix. I would then alert the maintenance staff and providing my schedule permits, would accompany them to the room to ensure the problem is fixed, as it has become my problem to take care of. I would check before guests arrival back to the hotel that the issue has been fixed, and apologise to the guest for the delay.

Have you had experience?

1 Answer

Questions mainly focused around members' concerns for their industry relating to Brexit. I cannot recall particular questions, as they seemed mostly the same, asked in different ways, and I came away from the interview wondering what had happened.

1 Answer

You've worked with younger children but we mostly work with children over 10. How will this difference affect your performance?

How would you describe your style of journalism?

What would you look for in a PE investment? If I gave you £10m which PE investments would you make?

Why do you want to work for the company; favourite movie

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