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Product analyst iii Interview Questions


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Please describe how you would assess credit risks associated with a structured product?

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"Assess quality of underlying assets, etc". But, question totally unrelated to the seniority of the position applied for and asked by an analyst who formerly worked in the structured team.

General interview questions common for finance jobs interviews

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a presentation all about me and my skills

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Tell us about your past employment experience and how your skills and experience will help in this role.

What excites you about the prospect of joining the team?

- If you know about your work/field then interview should be smooth without any problem - Remember, don't tell anything you don't know as the people who take interview here are exceptionally good to find that out and then that will be end of it - you won't be hired! - Be professional and honest through out the interview

I was given a ASCII-graph of weird pattern of 'X' and ' ' in disarranged boxes with time, and from a given position, I had to fill all the blanks by X for all those boxes. Till date I am not clear if the question was to write an algorithm to generate this pattern of 'X' or it was to fill the empty spaces with X from a starting point. When I asked the interviewer the same, he told "Yes" . What ?? :-).

Scenarios (how would you deal with an angry patient), what is safeguarding, name the types of safeguarding, what skills and attributes do you bring to the role, why have you chosen this role etc.

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