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What is the angle between the hands when it is quarter past 3

30 Answers

7.5 degrees

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How many calories are in a grocery store?

9 Answers

How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

5 Answers

What is your favourite Google Product, and how would you improve it?

5 Answers

How would you deal with a difficult member of the team

4 Answers

* Imagine you were creating a search engine for events, how would you go about it?

3 Answers

What metrics did you use for your last project? How did you shut down an unsuccessful test? How would you define an MVP? How do you work with engineers and designers? How do you interact with stakeholders?

5 Answers

Design an app which helps people find a GP

4 Answers

What do you want out of your job role?

3 Answers

How comfortable you are working in the same room as managing partners who are paying you directly out of their own pockets?

2 Answers
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