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They asked me what I thought Design, Logic, Science meant

4 Answers

The answer is on the home page to their website.

Do you know their current address?

A quick google showed their address is in the Cotton Exchange, Old Hall St. in Liverpool

How do you design an interface for a 1000 floors elevator

9 Answers

I was surprised to be asked what my opinion was of the salary even though it was advertised on the vacancy.

3 Answers

How would you drive innovation forward?

3 Answers

Was asked to take a couple of hours and provide a concept that's a "twist on Clash of Clans". Was then asked to take another hour to refine the design.

3 Answers

Why did you want to become a CAD Technician

3 Answers

How does the current structure look like?

2 Answers

Talk me through your design thinking for the design challenge.

2 Answers

How do you prioritise tasks if you haven't got enough time to do them?

2 Answers

I was ghosted by the recruiter.

2 Answers
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