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What do you want out of your job role?

3 Answers

Changing and stimulating environment.

What was the logic question ?

There are 3 bags of balls but are all labelled incorrectly. There’s green, red and a mixed bag. What’s the least amount of balls you have to take out to be able to correctly label them. (The answer is 2).

What does "being Googley" mean to you

2 Answers

You have 2 beakers, one that is 3L big, and the other being 5L. You have a bucket which you must fill to exactly 4L, and you must use these 2 beakers to get to that goal. You can fill and empty the beakers as many times as you want in order to get the 4L in the bucket. You cannot take water out of the bucket after you have filled it.

2 Answers

You have 3 bags of marbles; one filled with Red marbles, one with green, and the third containing a mixture of the two. They are all labelled with either Red/Green/Mixed, except all the labels are wrong. How many marbles would you need to take out to determine what marbles are in each bag, and why?

2 Answers

What is your understanding of the role? Why do you want to be hired for this role? Explain me why you are the best candidate for the role.

1 Answer

Q. Most Questions were competency based. Only the phone interview (first stage) quizzed me on: -1.UNIX commands -2.About active directory -3.GPOs -4.Knowledge of programming languages. It is essential to know SQL/post gres for the role for MS SQL and Oracle. If you know how to code in DB2, fantastic!

1 Answer

Asked about what I knew about the role on offer.

1 Answer

5. What you know about bijus

1 Answer

tell me about yourself and your experience

1 Answer

how would you rate your previous boss' on a school grading system (a,b,c,d,etc)... and then also tell me about your relationship with them

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