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Why would you want to work for TPP.

1 Answer

Tell me a little about yourself.

Asked to go through my CV and relevant experience in IT support...

1 Answer

As most of the common interview questions such as why I applied for the job etc were asked in the phone interview, the questions in the face to face interview included open-end questions where I had to give 3 examples of challenging scenarios and how I did overcome them.

1 Answer

What do you know about what the company does?

1 Answer

There are 3 bags of balls but they have all been mislabelled -using the fewest balls how can you tell which bag is which?

1 Answer

You have 2 beakers, one that is 3L big, and the other being 5L. You have a bucket which you must fill to exactly 4L, and you must use these 2 beakers to get to that goal. You can fill and empty the beakers as many times as you want in order to get the 4L in the bucket. You cannot take water out of the bucket after you have filled it.

2 Answers

You have 3 bags of marbles; one filled with Red marbles, one with green, and the third containing a mixture of the two. They are all labelled with either Red/Green/Mixed, except all the labels are wrong. How many marbles would you need to take out to determine what marbles are in each bag, and why?

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Questions were predictable regarding what do you believe the company stands for.

1 Answer

What do you want out of your job role?

3 Answers

What are you like outside work/how would your friends describe you?

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