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NBC Sports Group
Product Support Manager was asked...31 July 2015

Are you prepared to move to Orlando?

3 Answers

Yes l was actually very excited for new opportunity and ready to take that leap

Yes less actually very excited for new opportunity and ready to take leap

Yes! (I was actually very excited for new opportunity and ready to take that leap) Less


How would you release stress from the team

1 Answers

Provide options to relax, play ping-pong, shower, or nap

Ness Digital Engineering

Can ask you anything related to support process and services

1 Answers

As I know ITIL and had project management understanding i could answer most of those Less


Standard competencies based questions (what are your strengths etc.) however this one did stick out - What`s your preferred management style?

1 Answers

I said that I am flexible and adapt quickly to all styles based on companies preferences and thrive on feedback however if I am to name my preferred style that would be chain management over micro management due to lack of mutual trust between employer and employee. Less


The first question was why would you leave current organization when you have got promoted

1 Answers

Does the interviewer or Sprinklr expect someone to leave a company just because he/she does not get promoted? Although my reply was that this role was exciting and my ambition was towards moving ahead with the product support role. Less


Tell me about your current role and what your responsibilities are.

1 Answers

Walked the recruiter through a high-level overview of my responsibilities and how those skills were transferable to the role I was being interviewed for. Less


Tell me about a time when you had to remove a person from your team.

1 Answers

Told them about the difficulties with an employee who I required to be in the office everyday versus telecommuting for two and how she eventually left of her accord. Less


Tell me about your experience as a support manager.

1 Answers

13 years as a Product Support Manager for a mid sized software vendor.

DFS Group

Why choose DFS to apply for?

1 Answers

I mentioned that It was a childhood dream to work there.


Past experience

1 Answers

Sample answers they provided: • Spent 8.5 years at Broadridge, managed projects and clients in IT o did custom development, SI projects, back office conversions • then went to NFL—finance products for consumer • In her current role, she mostly runs projects doing client conversions of back office financial applications • In all of her roles she has tried to find ways to make product bigger, better, more efficient Less

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