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Employers hiring project coordinators are looking for candidates with the organisational skills and communication abilities to oversee project logistics. Duties may include coordinating meetings, updating project schedules, training staff and ensuring that important information is relayed to the right people. Expect to answer questions that will assess your ability to solve problems, streamline project workflow and excel in a team. Any experience of using project management software is a plus.

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Top Project Coordinator Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top project coordinator interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you approach problem-solving challenges?

How to answer: Start by explaining how you minimise problems before they arise. Provide an overview of how you approach problems once you have identified them. As you frame your response to the question, talk about a specific problem you have faced in the past and outline which methods you used to solve it. Finish your answer by highlighting what lessons you learned from the experience.

Question No. 2: How do you handle competing requests and priorities for your time?

How to answer: A project coordinator needs to manage myriad details, and each project stakeholder can have different priorities and deadlines. Explain how you analyse and prioritise each component in the overall context of the project. Highlight the fact that you can be flexible with your time but that your focus is always on the project's goals. Also, mention how you communicate with different stakeholders to keep them on track and manage their expectations along the way.

Question No. 3: What project management experience would you bring to this position?

How to answer: A project coordinator can be an entry-level role in project management, so you won't always be expected to have direct project management experience. Draw on any experience you've had that demonstrates your ability to stay organised and precise. You can provide examples of work you've done for university group projects, organising surveys or preparing for an event.

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Project Coordinator was asked...5 June 2012

Would you prefer to have 1) a task with given "step-by-step" completion recommendations or 2) just an overall goal that you have to accomplish, and if you stay within the area of allowed actions - you are good, so you can decide in which way you are going to accomplish the goal.

9 Answers

Am prepared to what ever. Is needed to get the job done

it's depend on environmental approach not our personal desire, either predictive (step by step) or adaptive (rush to the goal) Less

Step by step completion

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Royal Caribbean Group

If you are able to work over time

8 Answers




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describe the 3 aspects of the project management triangle

6 Answers

It's actually time, quality and cost according to the PMBOK

scope, resources & time

Thats an absolutely correct answer

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How many children do you have?

5 Answers

Spent many years in this company, they would often disqualify candidates with larger families nexus they're more expensive on benefits. Less

That is an illegal question; however, if you don't want to just say "That's illegal and I won't answer" you can say something like, "If you're asking me if I will have a good attendance record, be on time or be available, please know that I have had an exceptional attendance record and will work as long and hard as needed to get my work done." Less

I answered but knew it was an inappropriate question. It was uncomfortable.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 Answers

Making a lot of money for you.

I see myself organizing my paperwork around my chair.

Taking even more antidepressants.

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Empyrean Solar

How did you hear about this position?

4 Answers



This app won't let me out of this without writing something

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FEI Systems

Project meeting notes are prepared electronically using a template. Are you able to take notes using a laptop? Would you have a problem with that?

3 Answers

Yes sir no problem

I presently take notes using a laptop and I-pad while useeing the one note application. Less

No. I am accustomed to producing artifacts.l as needed.

English Construction Company

Tell me about yourself.

3 Answers

Hi sir I.m supun chamara from sri lanka i.m bull dozer oparetar 5year experience working sri lanka Less

Hello sir I.m supun chamara my country is sri lanaka i.m 5year experience working bull dozer oparetar from sri lankan project Less

Hello sir Im supun chamara from sri lanka my age is 25years old. I 5years experience working from bull dozer oparetar from srilanka 🇱🇰 company Less

Sky Network Television

What is my contingency plan for my children when they get sick? Who, apart from myself and my husband, would be available to look after our children? At Sky, when you are employed with them, they want you at the office for the 40+ hours they employ your for and give the impression that taking time off to look after sick children would be an issue.

3 Answers

As a past employee of over 3 years in this toxic political and unnecessarily stressed working environment at Sky Network Television NZ, you did the absolute right thing not going ahead with the "one-sided" offer. Well done - you made an important positive decision for you and your family. Less

As a past Sky member, I absolutely agree - you did yourself and your family the greatest service by turning Sky down following your interview assessment. This is a highly politicised and toxic environment that would have created undue stress for yourself. Well done on having the foresight and moral fortitude to decline. Trust you are in a rewarding role with a more deserving employer now. Less

I explained that my husband and I had no other family closer than 2 hours away and that we could call on them if necessary but that we are more than capable of managing our home-life so that it doesn't interfere with our work. I was offered the role, however, turned it down on the basis that it is not the right company for me and my family. I will give 110% to any Employer who is willing to look after their employees. Sky lost out on a valuable employee today. Less


How do handle multiple requests and priorities?

3 Answers

I prioritize items by the level of value they add to our team.

I would prioritize based on due date and level of importance. Would also include the statement of "yes, But" to be transparent on current tasks and current expectations. Less

Simple question.

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